Fire Station Checklist is doing its duty towards the society by helping fire stations more efficient. The following press release talks about just that- the mission of Fire Station Checklist, and how it is helping to make the society safer. Fire Stations require a high degree of management, with a lot of accuracy. Considering the situations where a fire station has to instantly deploy resources in, it is vital that everything always be ready and available in the best condition. For simplifying the work of the fire station staff and to make the management of the resources at the station available, Fire Station Checklist has developed a suite of IT products. There is a significant amount of paperwork to be filled at every stage of a fire station’s working- when a new shift comes in, when the old ones leaves, when the fire trucks are sent for an emergency and so on. Simplification and digitization of these forms is taken care of by Fire Station Checklist.



Fire Station Checklist has a FAST Field module to take your paper process to the next level.



Deploying our platform is simple and requires no hardware to purchase or maintain.



This is the business case to show how an organization will benefit from these solutions. It will also detail the costs.





Easy to Use
“Fire Station Checklist is easy to use. I was able to download and use it within a few minutes. All the forms are in one place.”

– Jeff Kuehls, Probationary Firefighter

A great resource for our organization!

“The Brighton Area Fire Authority has been utilizing the <Fire Station Checklist > and the forms for some time and has discovered its uses in so many applications.  From tracking washing of PPE to apparatus it has been a great resource for our organization!”

– Michael O’Brian

Out of the Stone Age
“Fire Station Checklist has been a great investment for our department. It has brought us out of the Stone Age in technology and even our hardest critic on change has embraced this software. It is easy to use and because of that we are getting a higher percentage of personnel using it on a consistent basis.”

– Jennifer Whitbeck, Fire Fighter, Operations Manager

Streamlined our daily operations
“Fire Station Checklist <with it’s Fast Field Module> has streamlined our daily operations.  The easy to use format made integrating it into our workforce virtually seamless.  The data collection is very customizable we are able to identify immediate needs as well as track long term trends.  This allows us to better manage our personnel and equipment.”

– Jake Thompson, Captain

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